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Linda Hering


Linda Hering



"Ich habe Zsuzsanna vor 6 Jahren kennengelernt und wusste sofort, dass ... "

ERIKA SZABO Hairstylist



"Hiring Zsuzsanna was one of my best business decisions."



"Having her by my side gives me the freedom I need to concentrate on what I can do best and ..."


"When I started my own business in 2019, I had set my goals very clearly and I knew an active online presence and digital marketing is must, but I was missing both the time (I wanted to focus on my work), the know-how (have never been interested in doing marketing, copywriting or design).

When I met Zsuzsanna on recommendation and got to know her colourful, open-minded personality, can-do attitude and fantastic communication skills, I knew right away, that she is exactly whom I needed. 

I hired her for 3 months and now she has been supporting me for more than a year, and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. 

After one year of setting up my own salon I have almost reached my marketing goals thanks to her work, which usually takes 2 or 3 years in my profession.

She is a professional SM manager, with amazing work ethic and creativity."

Erika Szabo Hairstylist
Edits Gesundheitsoase

"I can't imagine running my business without Zsuzsanna.

I opened my own massage therapy place a year ago and had no clue whatsoever about online marketing, Instagram and Facebook for business, SEO/SEM, Google Ads or tweaking my own website in a smart and compelling way. Her positive energy, firm and honest coaching, business development ideas and SM skills are just something I highly appreciate.

Having her by my side gives me the freedom I need to concentrate on what I can do best and I know I have a safe marketing back-up, strategy and amazing posts. I am best when I deal with my clients and don't have to worry about the rest. That's where she comes in."



"Ich habe Zsuzsanna vor 8 Jahren kennengelernt und wusste sofort, dass sie mit ihrer offenen, fröhlichen und  kommunikativen Art perfekt zu meinem Unternehmen passen würde. Ich könnte mir keine bessere Geschäftspartnerin vorstellen. 

Sie ist mit all ihren Tätigkeiten in der Organisation und im Social Media Bereich immer ein Schritt voraus. Kreativ, schnell, genau, zuverlässig und immer für einen Spass zu haben."

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